Friday, May 13, 2005

Friday Family Night

T was home from school. For one week we are blessed with our only daughter at home after her second year at Penn. What better place to have a Friday Family Night dinner than Wharo Korean BBQ. T wanted to know why would anyone want to go to a restaurant where you cook your own food? She wants to know if there is a discount in that a “chef” doesn’t have to prepare the meal. No T, we explain. The draw to this type of restaurant is that you prepare your meal over a BBQ grill situated in the middle of your table. The participating interaction of each of the diners combining condiments and flavors to their liking is a turn on to many.

While G and I have dined at this restaurant a number of times, we remark to T that this is the first time we have been given soooo much attention by the wait staff. Not that we have ever been treated badly, tonight we were overwhelmed with exceptional attention. I was even “carded” when I ordered hot sake. Could it be the presence of T? Throughout the meal, we received attention from our very attentive "Close Shaven" waiter and another waiter with “Funky Fresh” naps. Again, could it be the presence of T.

Anyway, we ordered:
Hot Tea
Hot Sake
Iced Tea
Crispy Seaweed
Vegetable Pajyun
Salmon Gui (Cooked in the kitchen) for T
Fresh Korean bbq meat prepared for the grill, served with wharo salad, rice, kimchi, and assorted namui
(bulgogi- marinated in a sweet soy sauce, served with onions and mushrooms and outskirt beef)

It was delicious.

Wharo Korean BBQ
4029 Lincoln Blvd. (near Washington)
Marina del Rey, CA

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