Friday, January 20, 2006

Hot Chocolate "Nutella Syle"

A quick fix when you crave hot chocolate topped with whipped cream and there's no other chocolate in the house except for "Nutella" and some "Hershey Kisses" plus there is no milk or cream except for the can of whipped cream. What I did next will probably not surprise you. I boiled some water and added it to about a 1/4 cup of Nutella. With a few stirs it melted and I added a topping of the whipped cream. Well, this was heaven. It tasted fantastic and the whippep cream added just the right amount of dairy.

I'm sure a recipe for Nutella hot chocolate is written someplace and if not, you heard it hear first. (From a previous post at Food ot To Love It, December 15, 2005)

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