Sunday, January 15, 2006

Some Pig Blogging Weekend- Bounty of the Barnyard

Kate Hill's French Kitchen has invited all to join in celebrating all things pig. Check out her site for information on this event.

She describes that "in anticipation of celebrating le prince de Janvier a SOME PIG Blogging Weekend is dedicated to the bacon loving, sausage making, boudin nibbling, charcuterie mavens amongst you. Devote some or all of the weekend of Jan 14-15 to preserving, preparing, photographing or just writing about a favorite dish featuring the other white meat.." She will post blogs participating on Jan 17th- Blessing of the Pig in honor of the Patron Saint of farmyard animals—San Antonio Abate whose feast day is on January 17th.

Also see information on this event at Savoring the whole hog, one piece at a time.: on this Pig Earth

See the summary of posts at Going Whole Pig posted 1-14-06.

I just happened to grill a pork loin this weekend. It was a small boneless cut which I seasoned with a cajun rub and put on the grill at about 250 degress for about 5 hours. I basted it with A&W Root Beer as I had a can that was loitering in my pantry. This I chose after reading somewhere that Coca Cola was used as an ingredient in a BBQ Sauce recipe(can not remember where I saw this or I would give props to he source).

Cajun Seasoned Loin

Basting Solution

Perfectly Grilled Moist Loin


Diva said...

Love your recipe!
I am an A&W root beer fan, and I be it was fabulous.
Thanks for sending the recipe to us for our pork blog!
Kate and I are looking forward to teh party!
Stop by the 17th for the pig blessing!

Jeni said...

That is one hawt loin!

The Survival Gourmet said...

THat is some good lookng Pork! Dr. Pepper works good too! Just waiting on my invitation...

Sasha said...

That looks wonderful! I can't wait to break the grill back out. Was it the root beer that gave it that rich color?