Friday, June 30, 2006

I'll Show You Mine If You show Me Your's #2

This month we have the second editon of "I'll Show You Mine If You Show Me Your's". The theme this month is "Spices- cabinets, shelves, racks". This event is hosted by Sweetnicks. (Addendum- you have to go and check out Sweetnicks new blog layout.)

This is one view of my main spice cabinet. Yes a little bit of everything including my BBQ rub seasonings, varying bulk spices, extracts for baking, cocoa powder, sauces and even sesame seeds.

One of my friends sent me this Dean and Deluca spice assortment. The package is so pretty, I don't want to open it. The spices in this assortment include, fennel, anise, caraway, tumeric, thyme, sumac and a slew of others for me to experiment with.

Another view of my main spice cabinet.

I tend to buy seasonings in bulk to use when I compound my BBQ rub. These I wind up storing in a cabinet on my back porch merely due to the quantity. Turbinado sugar, maple sugar, ground mustard, sea salt, muscavado sugar and more behind these containers. Surfas is my souce for many of these.

Spice rack wich I just display on my counter. I do refill many of the frequently used containers from my bulk stock.


mooncrazy said...

Surfas and Trader Joe's, what would we do without them? Even though my spices are disorganized I know the general location of everything.

What do you use "muscavado" sugar for?

Sylvie said...

I sometimes use the muscavado sugar in my BBQ rub in place of brown sugar. It has a more pronouced molasses flavor

Kalyn said...

Hey, I have a lot of spices, but you may have me beat. I got a set of those silver cans from Dean and Deluca as a gift too, but mine are all Indian spices. Fun seeing what everyone has.