Saturday, June 24, 2006

WDB#40 Sunbathing After A Little Swim

The weather report predicted a hot Saturday for Southern California. Though it was warm in my area of L.A., hot it did not achieve. However, Ziggy still took advantage of a nice afternoon in the back yard. After a little dip in the pool, he's chillin' poolside.

You wouldn't know it, but just prior to the above moment of calm, Zig couldn't get dry fast enough as he took advantage of every inch of that towel.

.....and then later that evening, Sylvie got treated to dinner at Joe's Restaurant in Venice, CA. This treat was to celebrate our 24th wedding anniversary. Joe's is a restaurant I have always wanted to dine at but it seems I never prepared early enough in advance to get a reservation. Open Table describes Joe's as featuring "casual dining with California-French cuisine in an intimate atmosphere".

For dinner, there are two "Prix Fixe" choices in additional you can also order "a la carte" or make entree substitutions in the seasonal prix fixe choice. One is a seasonal choice at $63 per person and the other is a tasting menu at $72 per person. The tasting menu varies daily and highlights the chef's choices. The seasonal menu varies monthly. This month, the seasonal choice is corn. The "Corn" menu featured the choices pictured below. All meals begin with a choice of bread with butter and an olive tapenade.

G and I both selected the "Corn" menu choice. I inquired from our waiter whether taking pictures of the food was allowable. Though perplexed as to why anyone would take pictures of food, he gave his approval. Dinner was very good. I did enjoy the atmosphere which I wouldn't describe as romantically intimate, but intimate in the sense that the dinning area is small and the tables though nicely placed do put you in close proximity to other diners creating an intimate dining experience.

During the latter part of our dinner, Joe did come by the table to introduce himself. I was very impressed with him taking the time to mingle and chat with the customers. The chef de cuisine is Josh Gil who Joe states he trusts to run the kitchen giving him time to meet and greet.

All of you know I don't attempt to write restaurant reviews nor am I the least bit a critic. I simply like what I like and recommend to others places that I have had an enjoyable experience. I recommend Joe's.

Excuse me for not writing down the exact menu names of each of the selections but the star attraction is noted. Aslo the ice cream is a specialty of the restaurant and the nights flavor for the heck of it I can't remember.

Butter and Olive Tapenade
Shrimp with Chips on a bed of greens
Duck (medium) Breast and a Leg
Chocolate Souffle and Ice Cream (featured flavor and it's not vanilla)

Joe's Restaurant
1023 Abbott Kinney Blvd.
Venice, CA 9-291


mooncrazy said...

Happy Anniversary! Sounds like a nice way to celebrate.

I can't believe Ziggy takes a swim. I've never had a dog that liked water. He's such a cutie.

Sylvie said...

Now he doesn't really like the water. I just give him a nudge and he's in. Trying to get him to learn to kick to the steps just in case he falls in while no one is watching.

Anonymous said...

It's corn Ice cream. Man that was a yummy meal. I was in Joe's today they have a new menu...It's was great!!! Can't wait until my next visit.