Sunday, June 18, 2006

WDB #39 "Father's Day Treat"

Summer is nearly here and the heat is building up. Even though Los Angeles is notorius for what we term "June Gloom" (overcast, marine layer creating cool spring days), for some meteorological reason unbeknowst to me, the temps for the past week have been sizzling. No, it's not your Las Vegas 100 degree plus weather, nor your east coast or southern humidity factor added in to create a muggy, sweaty hot, but by our standards, still hot.

It's Father's Day and G has already experienced his treat which was an overnight day fishing trip out of San Diego where the best catch was Yellow Tail. Guess what's for dinner? Yes, it is nice to have freshly caught fish, sashimi ready. For anyone who has followed this blog, you know G's idea of sporting is depp sea fishing preferably somewhere in the Pacific Ocean off the waters of Baja. I love shellfish and am sorry to say any other type of fish is not on the top of my seafood list. However, he does love fish of most any kind and his greatest eating pleasure is my preparing what he has caught. There is always some for Ziggy also

Sunday morning and Ziggy is waiting on me to hurry up and get ready to take him on his morning walk. Sweetnicks is hosting Weekend Dog Blogging.


Barbara (Biscuit Girl) said...

Ziggy is such a cutie!

WhiteTrashBBQ said...

Ziggy is indeed a cute little doggie, and I'm willing to bet he/she is happiest when you're cooking barbecue and not yellow tail.

I know I am.

Now chasing tail - well that's another story.

PatL said...

Your little Ziggy is a charmer! Love those sparkling eyes!