Saturday, September 23, 2006

Does This Look Like a Starving Students Kitchen?

I had the honor of accompanying my daughter back to school. With visions of my credit card and a rental car she actually asked me to go with her this year. Yes, the previous years I also went, but it was sort of assumed that this is what parents do for underclassmen children.

Well, after visits to Trader Joe's, Costco and varying other stores, a few dollars later she had the dream college student's pantry and refrigerator contents.

It was many years ago that I went to college and all I remember having was a nearly empty refrigerator with bareley enough pantry items to make a complete meal. Times have changed or am I just an over indulging mom?

If you're thinking this is all, then you're wrong. There's another couple of cabinets which I neglected to get pictures of that are stuffed with items not limited to cereal, rice, noodles and nuts.

Actually, I quite enjoyed helping T get her apartment together. This is such a fun time in life and the joy that goes with having your own place and stuff is priceless.

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