Tuesday, September 05, 2006

I'll Show You Mine

This months edition of "I'll Show you Mine" highlights the one item in your kitchen that you can't do without. From first look, I'll bet some would say the stove. No, though a close second. The cast iron skillets on the stove are my # 1 kitchen items. I use the larger one almost every day and it is always majestically perched on a burner, ready for its next job.

Though this entry is late, I'm still thankful to Cate of Sweetnicks for hosting .


mooncrazy said...

Dang! What an interesting stove. I know, the iron skillets, yes, I love mine, couldn't do without it but tell us more about the stove, please.

Sylvie said...

That's my Wolf. It's one of the first attempts by manufacturers to make commercial stoves for residential use. It' about 15 years old and I love it. The only part of it I would change is the the upper left hand top side griddle/broiler. I never use it and would prefer two extra burners instead. The griddle gets hot when you broil, the space is small and it is very hard to clean. What I love most is the huge oven.

The header on my blog is a picture of the burners.