Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Stuffed Zucchini- An Alternative for Leftovers

I was so impressed with a recipe Elise at Simply Recipes posted this past weekend for Stuffed Zucchini with Ham and Mushrooms. This recipe stimulated my curiosity of what a great way to re-present yesterday's leftovers. Instead of zucchini as a side dish, let's include it as the main attraction.

Now I know very large zucchini are not something we all have stocked in our refrigerators, but then this time of year they are very accessible. I just happened to have one of the very last zucchini that grew in my garden. Sunday's leftover posole just seemed to go right with this recipe. Of course I drained off much of the liquid and just used the meat and corn (posole) remaining. Following Elise's method of prepping the zucchini, I skipped the ham and mushroom stuffing prep and in place I stuffed the zucchini with the drained leftover posole mixture. I topped this with panko bread crumbs and cheddar cheese. I then baked the stuffed zucchini until the stuffing was heated through and the cheese was melted.

The presentation was pretty and the taste was even better than the posole alone.

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Elise said...

Hi Sylvie,
That sounds terrific! Who would have thunk - posole stuffed zucchini. So glad the recipe worked for you.