Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Italian Sausage Fattie, Chicken and Zuchinni

Had some cousins over this past Sunday and I decided to put together some little snacks. Of course when I say snacks it turns into a full meal. I decided that since I put on the smoker, I might as well put on a chicken too.

What is a fattie? It's sausage formed into a large bullet shape and then smoked. The meat is usually something like breakfast sausage but I decided to remove the casing from some itallian sausage and mold the meat into the sausage shape. Typically it is also stuffed with varying foods such as chopped veggies, cheese, or whatever other treat you want to bite into. These were stuffed with bell pepper and onion.

Chicken (picture taken before sauce carmelized)

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The Survival Gourmet said...

I really need to start coming to your house on the weekend.