Sunday, September 03, 2006

Labor Day Weekend In Philadelphia

Well it has bee a rather exciting week. That is if you call a week of rain, drizzle and cooler than normal temperatures in the midst of the last summer holiday weekend fun. I can see it now. Return to L.A. and back to work. Someone politely asks how was your vacation. My response if I'm truthful would be that I spent it spending money on my daughter for food, clothes, apartment necessities and sleeping on a hard futon bed which I had to share with her.

We walked in the rain (great exercise) to most local University of Pennsylvania eateries and campus destinations. My suitcase was full of summer clothes with the exception of an umbrella and basic blue jeans. I had to buy a sweater for the cool temps.

The highlight of the week for me was supposed to be the reservations I made for the "Striped Bass" on Friday and "Morimoto's" on Sunday with my vegetarian, non foodie daughter. Well, needless to say, we did keep the "Striped Bass" reservation. We selected the tasting menu at $85 per person. I had a 7 oz glass of a very fruity wine along with a bottle of Pelligrino for the table. Tax and tip, it was a $250 meal for two. Christopher Lee, the noted chef was no where to be found. Note to self- Never take daughter to another expensive restaurant unless she has proven that she can fake interest or truly enjoy it. I must admit, I was a little disappointed in the food so she was a little correct. Anyway, I cancelled the Morimoto reservation for today. Per T, she would prefer I spend the dollars on a nice outfit for her rather than "Omakase" at $120 per person regardless of whether it was at a real Iron Chef's restaurant or not and did I really think he would be there to cook for me.

So, we are now heading to the SEPTA to shop in Center City. I do have a rental car, but parking and navigating the Phillie roads is quite taxing on the nerves.

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