Saturday, August 20, 2005

Aunt Kizzy's Back Porch- Marina Del Rey

It has been described as yuppie soul food, possible star sightings based on the many celebrity pictures on the wall, a very familiar name to L.A. diners. How did we wind up there?

G and I go out to dinner most Friday evenings. This is a carry over of what the kids use to call family night. I suggested we go to an Indian restaurant in Marina Del Rey as I was also looking to celebrate the resignation and "finally gone" saga of a problem employee (that's another story I wish to forget). As we drove through the parking lot, G commented that Aunt Kizzy's didn't look too busy. Heck, we haven't eaten there in probably over 5 years. Remembrances of the long waits to be seated due to the crowds and the rush to serve and get you out of there had previously driven us away.

We walked in around 7pm to find it wasn't very busy. A man I believe may have been the manager gestered that someone would seat us soon. We were directed almost immediately to our seats.

There is a one page menu which is located under the glass table top. G wanted catfish and I was open to whatever fit my fancy. After what seemed like 5 minutes, the manager offered us lemonade or tea and informed us that our waiter would be there soon. The waiter almost immediately appeared (I'm sure this was due to the prompting of the manager).

Entrees come with a choice of two vegetables plus rice or cornbread dressing with gravy. Cornbread and butter is delivered to the table prior to the meal.

G chose the fried catfish, black eye peas, collard greens and dressing.

The catfish was also served with a side of hush puppies. G was happy. The portion was quite small but he didn't need more anyway. The black eye peas must not have rated honorable mention as I don't remember him making a comment about them. G did love the collard greens after a sprinkling of hot pepper vinegar to cut the sweet taste.

I chose the BBQ pork ribs, macaroni and cheese, collard greens and dressing. I was anxious to eat and almost forgot to take the mandatory blog picture. The collard greens were very good though I could tell they added sugar. I could easily fix this by sprinkling some hot pepper vinegar on them just as G had. This cut the sweet just right. The greens I would now call excellent. After cutting the BBQ ribs, the first thing I noted was that they were baked or steamed and not smoked. The meat literally fell off the bone and to me that's not necessarily a good thing. Tender yes, fall apart- no. It was lathered in a very sweet BBQ sauce. Sorry, I'm partial to a more vinegar based sauce. Don't get me wrong, they were tasty but not great. The macaroni and cheese was excellent. Lots of cheese cooked down home style and I finished them before anything else. The dressing was ok. G and I barely touched it. Whether the rice alternative would have offered more, I can't say.

Eating those ribs made my hands pretty sticky. Our waiter wasn't very attentive and didn't use a little foresight to think anyone eating ribs is going to need more than one napkin nor did he make it back to our table to refill our iced tea glasses. The manager noticed and he asked if we needed refills on the iced tea. We completed the meal. Contrary to 5 years ago when there was a rush to turn a table, it took forever for the waiter to bring us our check. All this for $34.34 tax included. G did tip well as his philosophy is to help a brother out. He was trying. They did look short of staff.

Overall, another lovely evening with G.


BBQ Junkie said...

I have never been to Aunt Kizzy's. Maybe I'll give it a try sometime…I’m always down for some greens. But if there is no smoke, I will definitely not order the ribs. There ought to be a law against serving BBQ without it being smoked.

Beaworth said...

I love Aunt Kizzy's Back Porch: its decor, customer service, and of course the food. I haven't been there in a few years becuase I began to do my own soul food cooking. When I did go, it was another era, another time. I have an assignment to write about one of my favorite restaurants. Nostaglia brings me to write about Aunt Kizzy's. Looking forward to a successful piece of writing.

Anonymous said...

I remember back in the days when Aunt Kizzy's was the bomb. Until one Sunday afternoon my husband and I went there for dinner, and to my surprise it was almost empty. To me it was a good thing because on Sundays the line would be out the door waiting and smelling the food roaming out the door and around the corner. But anyway my husband and I were sitted and I notice the menu already on the table, ok maybe a new way of keeping track of the menus. So we place our order and once again to my surprise I notice that the waitress just went to the buffet counter to get our food. First the she brought the 4 cornbread muffins and than the food came 3 minutes later. I remember when the food came on a platter not a plate, I use to be so much food that you could take it home and still have a meal left over. Anyway, when the food came it was not as good as it use to be. I was all right. My husband who is a big eater was not so happy about the food. We went there once before and it really love the food. I remember when the waitress would fill your glass up with ice tea or lemonade and they would ask it there anything else and you might say "may I have some more cornbread" and they would bring the same amount you got the time when you sat down, well not anymore we ask for some cornbread muffins to eat with our meal and we recieved 1 corn muffin a piece. Like I said my husband is a big eater. On the scale of 1-10. 10 beign best I give a 5. Now there is a small SOUL FOOD cafe located in Inglewood on Manchester off La Brea who have a line every day. My understanding is the husband of the Aunt Kizzy's owns that place. And you talking about smelling good, the greens, candid yams, dressing and other food fulls the air and make you wanna stop and check it out. Imagine leaving down the street from it and smelling the food. It's a buffet style. You can eat in, outside, or take home. And they give you your moneys worth. Just drive westbound on Manchester in Inglewood before La Brea and just put your nose in the air it;s on the left hand side. Coming eastbound on Manchester a little pass La Brea it will be on right. Coming south on La Brea make a left turn onto Manchester it right there to the right next to Conroy Flowers. Check it out, you want be disappointed. said...

Is there a way I can get Aunt Kizzy recipes?

Kenny K said...

I've been going to Aunt Kizzys' for over 20 years and have yet to be disappointed. It's only slow Sunday nights is due to the fact that they have a "Sunday ALL YOU CAN EAT" brunch, which is out of this world. You will be stuffedand won't be disappointed! Kenny K