Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Vote For Their Favorite Grilled Cheese

Slashfood sponsored "Grilledcheese Day" on Monday August 29th. A number of us bloggers posted Flickr photos of our grilled cheese ideas. Slashfood then posted their choice for the best grilled cheese. Criteria? My entry didn't make it. Ho hum. I also found it difficult to vote when there was no readily available link back to the choices so that I could make a decision. Maybe they will correct this with future events.


Rachael said...

Oh dear...seems like the spammers found this post! Eek.

Anyway, I thought that Grilled Cheese day thing was totally confusing...their whole site is to me. Oh well. I loved what you made...



Sylvie said...

Now the question is how do I keep the spammers out?

cookie jill said...

I challenge other food bloggers to give aid to those who worked in the food industry and made New Orleans so flavorful:

New Orleans Hospitality Workers Disaster Relief Fund A fund has been established to benefit employees of the hospitality industry of the Greater New Orleans area who have experienced hardships because of the devastation caused by Hurricane Katrina. Contributions may be sent to:

New Orleans Hospitality Workers Disaster Relief Fund
Greater Houston Community Foundation
4550 Post Oak Place, Suite 100
Houston, TX 77027
Call 713-333-2200 for additional information