Saturday, August 13, 2005

First "Really Big Cookoff

Well Rachael of Fresh Approach has announced the first recipe for the Really Big Cookoff. The rules are simple. Monthly on a Friday she will announce/post the recipe and by the next Friday you post your entry of that recipe (August 19th)by emailing her at Everyone is a winner and the fun is in how each of us interprets the same recipe.

This month she chose a recipe from Jaime Oliver's collection. Based on the initial comments on her post, the original recipe must have utilized an ingredient not readily available this time of the year in some areas. The recipe was apparently revised and voila! here's Rachael first recipe choice:

Ravioli with Potato, Watercress and Cheese

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Rachael said...

Yea, people got all concerned they couldnt find any asparagus. I saw it in three markets in LA this week, and people in the midwest have access, but apparently no one else, so I just went with that one. Its almost the same recipe as the first one, I guess Jamie is a fan of the basic premise. Cant wait to see your entry!