Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Mexico Part 3

Saturday night is Mexican Fiesta night. Tables are set up on the patio overlooking the ocean, a singer serenades us with a variety of selections from disco to Mexican folk songs. A vendor has a table set up with varying art pieces which you buy a lottery ticket to see what you win. Great way to assure that somebody buys something. A Play on our wish to win. G and I bought 3 tickets and won nothing.

These fiestas are held every Saturday night and Wednesday night. Some of the entrees vary but are basically the same. The food is very delicious, authentic and plentiful.

G had two fish he caught sent to the kitchen for them to prepare a Dorado Ceviche and a White tuna (Bonita) Sashimi. The sashimi was excellent, melt in your mouth fresh. The Dorado Ceviche was a disappointmet. Tooooo much ketsup and not enought citrus, cilantro and onions.

Wednesday night fiesta included tostadas in addition to the choices served Satruday night. Also very good and authentic. After dinner everyone either heads for the bar or back to the room to ready tackle for tomorrow. I wish I could provide a better scenario on the actual fishing, but that's G's thing not mine. I know that at this point they did catch a Dorado, Bonita tuna, and released two Marlins and a Sailfish. The goal to to focus on fish such as Pargo and Rooster fish and less emphasis on Tuna and Marlin. They also remind me that it's the fishin" and not the fish that is important to them.

I continue reading Cooking For Mr. Latte. I want to like this book, but so far Amanda is a real food snob. The recipes are nothing that I would typically throw together but I do love the relationships built around preparing meals. The Food- Got To love It. All my friends want to do is eat and could care less about how the meal came to be. Don't get me wrong, I still love cooking for them and I do love the praise.


Santos said...

hi sylvie! oh, good, i'm glad to see that someone besides me is not impressed with amanda hesser. i agree with your assessment; she also comes off persnickety about pretty much everything else to me. i do find, however, a certain charm within her fastidiousness, but not a whole lot.

Sylvie said...

After completing the book, my opinion still didn't change. I kept on going back to Mr Latte's comment about sugar versus sugar substitute in her latte which after a very elaborate discussion of the almost orgasmic effect that "real" sugar has on her taste buds, she was unable to detect that he put the substitute in her latte.

I also couldn't help but feel that most of her food descriptions are based on imaginative influences (what she thinks the taste should arouse) versus what it actually is. Does one really just brush a half tomato over toast?