Monday, August 01, 2005

Mexico Part 2

Upon arrival at our Deep Sea Fishing Resort, we go to our rooms which have been newly remodeled. G and I have been coming here for over 10 years and never before have our rooms been so nice. The smell of new cedar cabinets, new tile work on floors and in the bathroom, a silent and 100% working air conditioner, a brand new toilet free of running water and the ultimate, a flat screen television which received three channels (CNN News, cartoon channel and cinemax which showed pornos after 9 pm).

The rustic ambience of the old Palmas de Cortez was missing. A place where we came to avoid cell phones, television and radio was a thing of the past. Yes, we still had the option of turning on these devices and most of the time we didn't.

I should have foresaw the changes when we entered the new entrance greeted by a concierge. He described that the resort was building a clientele from within to eventually overflow to the impoverished barrio (Los Barilles) and one day become the hip place to go just like Cabo. We were here to fish (or rather G was) not party with the beautiful people.

Friday dinner included a green salad, creamed corn soup and a bacon wrapped beef fillet with a mushroom gravy, vegetables and a banana pudding dessert. Very American. Very good once you got past the salty gravy. After dinner, the guys headed back to the rooms to get their fishing gear together. One of the books I brought with me was Amanda Hesser's, Cooking for Mr Latte. I sat back and started reading under the cool air conditioner. Yes it was very hot and humid.

The guy's cruiser would depart around 7 am to return around 3 pm. Eight hours with most of the fish heads gone and only those left at the resort to lounge or those heading back to reality that day (return to the states).

Tomorrow, P and I would rise early and claim our lounge chairs in the shade. We talked about taking an early morning walk on the beach. We'll see.

Saturday morning I slept in until 8am. G had already left. I took a quick shower, put on my bathing suit, a pair of shorts to cover and a T-shirt so I would be presentable in the dining room. P wasn't up yet so I ate alone. Breakfast choices at Palmas were the same every morning. A buffet serve yourself selection. I always ate the scrambled eggs, bacon and toast with a cup of coffee. Might I add, lots of bacon.

The bacon served was not in strips but more like bacon pieces. Still tasty. The eggs varied day to day depending on how long they were in the warmers. Lunch would not be served until 1 pm. Like I needed these calories. I decided not to take a walk down the beach but to instead just lounge by the infinity pool and chill.

Only one other person had already claimed a place by the pool. Her name was Gina I would find out later. Later that week, her boyfriend fished with G and R.

I chose two lounge chairs with an umbrella each. There was a large palm tree behind the chairs. I selected this site because it was closest to our rooms. I later discovered that this was the most shady site around the pool. Hooray.

P joined me later. This is what vacations are about. Rest, relaxation and no pressures to do anything. We read, snoozed, read some more and then it was lunch time.
Lentil soup, cheeseburger and fries and vanilla icecream for dessert. Did someone tell the chef that soup when it is 90 plus degrees outside and humid is not a good choice. However, it was good.

After lunch, back to our chairs . The guys would be back in a couple of hours.

3 pm and the first boats returned. P and I watched for G and R's boat. I walked not 20 feet away from "our" spot and waited. Note, all our "things" were still around the lounge chairs. I turned around and saw this bleach blonde out of shape woman pulling my umbrella from around my chair to another chair she occupied. She comments to me that I don't need it as there is some shade provided by the big palm tree behind my chair. I simply commented- "You could have asked" and she went ballistic. (Courtesy-duh). I didn't go ghetto on her but instead pointed out that all she had to do was ask (and honestly I would have given it to her), but to blatantly just go over to my area and take my umbrella was simply rude. No need to argue, I'm on vacation. Speak to the hand! Why me when there were other occupied partially shaded areas with umbrellas. I have my theory but I'll keep it to myself.

Part 3 will continue with nothing but good times ahead.

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