Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Mexico Part 4

Ok, does a 7 day stay in Mexico deserve a 4 part post? Well folks, this is the last of this series. I admit our stay was very enjoyable and I can't get over the fact that the vacation had to end.

P and I had a daily routine, lay by the pool, shade, relax, read, mp3 player for music, water, SPF 50, swim, Margarita, Pina Colada. Enjoyed every minute. After completing my two books (Patricia Cornwall's -"Trace" and Amanda Hesser's "Cooking For Mr. Latte"), P and I traded books. I then read Janet Evanovich's "Ten Big Ones" from the Plum Series and John Sandford's "Naked Prey".

Tuesday night the guy's decided we needed to get out of the resort and eat in town. What the heck? G had spotted an advertisement (sign on a pole) for a restaurant specializing in "mariscos". Seafood, shellfish, sounds good. B, C, P, R G and I get dressed, forfeiting dinner at the resort and head on foot for "Los Barilles Mariscos". We walk down the one main street through town and see another sign on a post. After walking the equivalent of about a 1/2 mile, we are at the end of the main drag and still do not see this restaurant. G is determined to find it and he solicits, B and C to accompany him out of down and further down this main drag. R spotted another restaurant which looked ok (only the second in the town, the other being Tia Pablo). We wait for the guys. After about 10 minutes they return and try to convince us that they found Los Barilles Mariscos but since they knew we didn't want to walk any further, they decided we should pick one of the two places we already passed. (Yea sure they found it.)

We decide on "Otra Vez". It is nicely decorated, a few "gringos" are already dining and we are hungry. The chalk board states today's specials which included Perot Fish, Sliced Pork and Rib Eye Steak.

Of course, I ordered the Rib Eye Steak medium rare which came back rare. C ordered the Roast Pork and loved it, B, R and G ordered Perot fish which they loved, P ordered Shrimp in a lemon sauce with linguini which she loved. We ate the salad hesitantly (no one got sick later). No one drank the water opting to order canned drinks, beer or wine. I probably would have been happier eating at the resort, but I was in the minority.

When it is time to prepare to return to L.A., the guys spend a lot of time breaking down rods, packing reels and other accessories (big boys with more expensive toys). G is passionate about his fishing gear. Everything is caressed and packed with care.

While packing on our poolside patio, G is approached by a woman who wants to know if he is the resort maintenance person. Duh, he is packing expensive fishing tackle in our room patio. G is nice and just states "no, I'm just packing my tackle to return home". She just says "oh, ok" and walks away. No forgive me, I'm sorry or any gesture of apology. This is where I get on my soap box. Why is it so hard to believe that Afro-Americans at a resort are not wait staff, maintenance people or second class citizens? As an FYI, never assume.

I spend the rest of the evening also packing. Our flight is scheduled to leave San Jose Cabo airport at 3:05PM Thursday. I can't help but feel I am giving up relaxation though I do want to get back to the familiarity of home.

Well, we get to the airport, check in and wait for our flight. We are delayed multiple times until 3 hours later we find out our flight back to San Diego is cancelled. Something about bad weather in Las Vegas. America West offers to accomodate us for one night at a hotel with ground transportation vouchers. Why not? I ask the clerk if there are any flights going to L.A. We could all fly to L.A., stay at our house Thursday night and then G and I could drive the rest of our party back to San Diego in the morning. We were in luck. Got a flight to Phoenix with a connecting to Los Angeles.

Great vacation.


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Have a Corona or Dos Equis for me!