Wednesday, April 09, 2014

Lady of Q BBQ Trailer

There are certain pleasures one can have in order to make life on the BBQ Competition Circuit comfortable and organized.  I have reached that level but before I disclose, I'd like give you an idea of why I bit the bullet and sought comfort.

Looking back on the last seven years  of competing, I only had a canopy with weights to protect from the wind, some 6 ft collapsible tables, a few dish tubs to wash dirty dishes, an igloo to store water, a Coleman hot water to go to heat the water, no less than 10 various sized plastic bins filled with supplies, three WSM smokers, three coolers to store meat, drinks and perishables, two Cambro warmers to hold cooked meat, a sleeping bag and pillow to sleep in overnight in the back of the SUV or van.  All these supplies organized to fit in a SUV or van. I would load all these things before a comp,  unload them at the comp, reload them after the comp and then unload them again once I got home.

When it was cold, I had a little propane heater at my feet,  when it rained, I put up the canopy sides and hoped to stay dry.  When it was windy, I hoped the weights on the canopy would hold.  Most often they did but a couple of times, the canopy failed.

Preparing the meats for turn in to the judges can be affected by the weather when doing so in a canopy. Meats should be as hot as possible so judges will taste at the height of best flavor.  Wind, cold and rain in a canopy can not be controlled thus when prepping the meats for turn in, the meat temps drop, fat congeals and it isn't pretty.

At most competitions, there are only a few public port-a-potties.  You all probably have experienced the displeasure of using these.  For us ladies, it is even more disgusting- no other adjectives needed.

So, my requirement for comfort and organization included, a bathroom area, sink with hot and cold water, a refrigerator, tables and storage containers. generator for power, electrical outlets, AC/heat and protection from the weather elements.

My BBQ Competition Trailer:
I received my trailer in march of 2013.  It is mounted with a Backwoods Smoker Party G2 on a 4 ft porch.
Inside the trailer. My personal bathroom which at comps is a necessity unless you enjoy public porta potties.
 Large sink for cleaning large pans.
 Commercial refrigerator.
 Stainless steel counter tops.