Tuesday, May 30, 2006

I'll Show You Mine If You show Me Yours

Yes, it is a mess. Well, this was taken just after the Memorial Day weekend of 'Grillin and Chillin' with way too much food prepared and as a result, my refrgerator is loaded with left over BBQ and what ever other usual suspects. Looks like a horror but it is filled with such good treats. I planned on sorting out everything so that I could freeze some of the meat for those later days when you just don't feel like cooking but laziness crept over me and so- it is what it is.

Sweetnicks is hosting an event where all you have to do is take a picture of your open refrigerator and post it. Get it? The theme is meant to highlight those unique items you hoard or can't do without and those items which you have had for ages but never got around to using up.

A plastic bag with prepared Roux just in case I want to make some Gumbo. I've had this since around December when I made Gumbo for my neice's Christmas party.
This container of Miso has been in here for over a year. I really must toss it.
What do you do with all those little ketsup and hot sauce containers from fast food restaurants. I actually did use a couple of these this weekend to make a homemade BBQ sauce.
Seasoned Rice Vinegar and Heavy Cream are staples in my refrigerator.
This container of VERY hot sauce (Pure capsaicin) has also been in the refrigerator for a number of years. It comes in handy when the grownup guys play 'I can stand hotter food than you'.

Monday, May 29, 2006

What Was I Thinking? Can there Be Too Much BBQ?

Well, I spent most of this Memorial Day weeekend BBQn and Smokn'. I started Saturday with a 9 lb pork shoulder which took more than 14 hours to get to 195 degrees. I woke up Sunday morning and started up the WSM again with 6 slabs of ribs. I then brined for 1 1/2 hours a pack of chicken thighs (16 I think)in a brine of apple juice, salt, brown sugar and Masala wine. I didn't stop there. I went on to grill on my little Smokey Joe some chicken/apple sausage and then some salmon fillets.

At the last minute last week, G and I decided to invite folks from our work, friends and family to come and help eat all this stuff. Well, lesson learned, do not assume people will show up for a last minute invitation and it is nice to request an RSVP so you will now how many people to prepare for. We invited about 50+ people, but only a handful showed up. Luckily BBQ can be frozen and eaten later, canned drinks, wine and beer will last til the next backyard event and my peach cobblers (yes 2) will just have to be eaten by G and I.

For those who missed out- drool at the pictures. Don't worry, I'll do this again sometime this summer.

Pulled Pork Shoulder
More Ribs
Nearly done
Cole Slaw (vinegar based and mayo based)
Peach Cobbler
BBQ Corn Muffins

Saturday, May 27, 2006


Elise over at Simply Recipes introduced me to this site for making your own virtual cookbook online. She describes the process at her site. Take alook, it's free. If you join in, please add me to your network and let me know what your ID is so I can add you to mine.

Sylvie's del.icio.us address.

Update- WSM Day

Pork shoulder nearly 10 hours on with an internal temp hanging at 161. I also added some rib tips and flaps which are nearly done after 3 1/2 hrs. The thin flaps were actually done and taken off as cook's treats.

2nd Annual WSM Day - May 27th 2006

I got my WSM going this morning with a 9lb pork shoulder. Tenderly rubbed with my Four Q BBQ special seasoning blend, injected with a mixture of apple cider, vinegar and seasonings. Plan on having it go 12-14 hours at between 225 to 250 degrees using apple wood and lump charcoal.

Today is the day folks all across the US and Internationally as well will be participating in the 2nd Annual WSM Day. WSM Smokin Day sponsored by the Virtual Weber Bullet.

Since this is my first time cooking a pork shoulder (usually I do a pork butt), I'm going to leave the fat flap on starting fat up. I did some cross cuts in the fat to allow the smoke and seasoning to penetrate.


Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Garden Update- Just Tomatoes and Herbs

We are about 2 months into the first planting of the tomatoes and re-invigoration of my herb garden. I haven't taken the time to plant anything else though this weekend, so far may be promising.

The tomatoes are growing well. Just in case you didn't notice, I didn't put wire around the tomatoes to keep them upright as I usually do. I'll call it an experiment or as my husband G says, an oversight.

Herbs including chives, oregano, parsley and thyme.

Whole garden view. There are about 8 tomato plants of varying varieties, one rosemary bush and a lone plumaria.

Sunday, May 21, 2006

Just Another Dog Day- WDB

You can't tell by the photo but Ziggy is chewing on pork rawhide. He is one happy pooch. I took him to the groomer this morning and as always, he gets a little treat for his spa day.

It's a cloudy overcast day in L.A. Rain is forecast for tonight. We are in for the day and just chillin. Just another doggy day. Sweetnicks is hosting another weekend dog blogging event and we all appreciate her time and effort in highlighting our best friends.

Friday, May 19, 2006

Team Sponsors for Four Q BBQ

"Four Q BBQ Team Seeking A Sponsor" was going to be the title of this post but then I thought, how pretentious. Then I thought, how do we get noticed other than to make it known to potentials. Memorial Day weekend is around the corner. Everyone is getting ready to get the grills out. I'll be posting more on my backyard escapades and in the middle of all these posts will be the products used including my WSM, Smoky Joe, BBQ Galore Gas Grill, sauces and sides. My Four Q BBQ team members are right in there with me doing the same. The reader base is good.

We haven't posted much anymore regarding our teams activities. We are still all alive , well and still grilling/smoking. We plan to compete this summer at possibly a couple of competitions including the Rosebowl in August. As a new upstart team, it is hard to get firm sponsors. We noticed that most of the teams with sponsors at the Autry were well known and established in the BBQ circuit. Did they get there mainly because of sponsors like Duraflame or Simple Green plus a few grand champion awards? Probably.

Well this is a "shout-out" to sponsors like Weber, Budweiser and their new sauces, Cowboy Charcoal, Royal Oak, Kingsford and others though not listed. Four Q BBQ is seeking team sponsors.

Monday, May 15, 2006

Smokey Joe Burgers- Tuna and Turkey

Tuna Burger Ready To Grill
Tuna Burger Ready To Eat
Turkey Burger with Cheddar

Turkey Burger Ready To Eat

Sunday, May 14, 2006

Mothers Day- Ziggy and Me

Wishing all you Moms a Very Happy
Mothers Day.

Today is special as I get to spend it with my daughter T and Ziggy. The weather in Los Angeles is fantastic today. It started out with a bit of overcast but progressed to clear and sunny.

Sweetnicks is hosting another Weekend dog Blogging Event.

New Backyard/Traveling Toy- Smoky Joe

I got a new toy this week. I haven't had a chance to play with it but just wanted to share. It's a Weber Smoky Joe. Not much good for big stuff but thought it would be great for traveling or cooking pot luck backyard stuff without a hassle. I can't comment on if it was worth the price tag ($29.99) but what the heck.

P.S. This is for outdoor use only. The pictures were taken inside only because that's where I assembled it.

Saturday, May 06, 2006

Weekend Dog Blogging

Another weekend of showcasing our pets. Ziggy just being Ziggy.

Thank you again Sweetnicks for hosting.

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Smoking Chicken

Last weekend I decided to go outside and play with my WSM. I was ready with a couple of whole chickens and some thighs. Enough to feed a whole mess of people, however my plans weren't organized enough to also include the sides or the invitations. So it was just me and my smoker.

I started by brining the chicken in a solution of salt, brown sugar and my seasoning blend. I left it in the brine for about two hours. (Later I found the thighs to be too salty and the hens just right. Shorter time in the brine for thighs next time.)

After removing from the brine, I patted the pieces off with paper towels and rubbed them with seasoning blend. Once again, I think I'll lighten up on the rub next time to minimize the saltiness.

My WSM was prepared as usual except this time I added a few stems of fresh rosemary to the water pan in addition to burning some directly on the coals with pecan wood.

I also did some experimenting with my BBQ sauce. To this batch I added a secret ingredient (Chocolate Kisses). The taste was actually quite good but more of a Mole flavor than traditional BBQ sauce.

The whole hens were moist and perfectly seasoned with the rich brown color highlighted by some basting with Dr. Pepper. The rosemary didn't come through very much in the taste. Next time I'll go back to stuffing the cavity with fresh sprigs. All in all I was happy with the whole hens but my thighs need some exercise.