Sunday, September 09, 2007

Results From Moorpark Family Festival BBQ Competition

I know I was supposed to let you all know when Four Q BBQ (4Q) was competing again. Well we did a competition yesterday at the Underrwood Farms, Walnut Grove in Moorpark. It was a small competition (6 teams) with this being the first attempt by the Moorpark Chamber of Commerce at a BBQ cookoff.

Pork butt Presented by fingerling versus shredded and no garnish per IBCA rules

See more pictures from the event on my Flickr site.

Also see photos by my Four Q teamate Luis from his Flickr site.

Next comp will be October 20th at the Viejas Shopping Outlet in Alpine, CA. 50 teams expected at this one. I promise more info later.

We did ok with the highlight being a 1st Place in Brisket. Our good friends Tropical Heal took Grand Championship (yeah!).

Four Q 1st Place Brisket


Tropic Heat and BBQ by Dan Tie
Tie Breaker Tropical Heat

Half Chicken
1 Tropical
2 OU8 BBQ (Todd Eves)
3 BBQ by Dan
4 Pit Stop
5 Papa Smoke House

Spare Ribs
1 Dan
2 Tropical
4 Pit Stop
5 4Q

1 Dan
3 4Q
4 Tropical
5 Pit Stop

1 4Q
2 Tropical
3 Papas Smoke House
4 Dan
5 OU8

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Deborah Eley De Bono said...

Oh no, I live only a few miles from Underwood Ranch. Sorry I didn't get to go and root you on to victory.