Saturday, December 01, 2007

24 More Days to Christmas

This time of the year is a food bloggers dream. Baking, cooking, parties, family, friends and most on my mind, food related gifts. I have been trying to finalize what treats I'm going to prepare this year for folks at my job, neighbors and those special people I interact with all year round. Of course decorated sugar cookies tops the list but the other basket/box fillers are eluding me at this time.

I plan to spend some time in my favorite store Surfas tomorrow. Maybe I will get some inspiration and purchase supplies to decorate cookies. One thing I do plan to repeat from last year is to decorate my Christmas tree with special decorated sugar cookies. My first cookie dough batch is already resting in the refrigerator. I'll start baking tomorrow and decorating all week.


barb said...

and you just may run into sister Moon at your favorite stor Sylvie. I hope you take lotsa pictures cause you really are an inspiration.

Deborah Eley De Bono said...

I was a Surfas last week and bought the cutest little cake pans. I may do individual cakes for presents, this year. But I will also do your sugar cookies because it's the best recipe I've ever found.