Saturday, January 19, 2008

Backyard At The Rocke III- Praticing My Ribs

Next weekend Four Q BBQ will be joining 14 other teams in a little get together where we all prepare three meats (chicken, tri tip and ribs) and an "anything but" category, get judged by official CBBQA judges, taste each others food, and just have a good time as one big BBQ family.

Sorry for the tease, but this one is not open to non-competitors. However, we have a number of open competitons coming up for 2008 which I will definitely keep you all informed of.

Anyway, you all know I am the pork butt queen. However, for this event, we switched things around and I will be doing the spare ribs. This is our opportunity to have constructive feedback and judging of varying prep techniques and seasonings.

Ribs with about another hour to go.

Ready to eat.

I am also going to prepare the "anything but" category. What is "anything but"? Well, just simply not ribs, not chicken and not tri tip. Could be meat, could be a dessert. To keep the other teams from stealing my idea, I can't post my practice run on this category yet, but I will say it is a "throw back" to a dessert popular in the 80's and experienciung a surge in popularity over the last year and no- it is not Fondu.

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Deborah Eley De Bono said...

Oh, you are such a tease! Do post your schedule. It is my goal this year to make it to one of your events. Sister Doodles will be spending the winter/spring in Bakersfield so hopefully we can be at one of the bbq events.