Monday, May 02, 2005

Caribbean Treehouse Restaurant

Ziggy and I decided to do some shopping at the local pet stores. Doggy treats and whatever else looked appealing. I did buy Ziggy the cutest Hawaian print shirt. It's yellow and looks really cool with his tan and black fur. That's another story.

I then get an urge for something different to eat. My first choice was to get a falafel but the neighborhhod stand was closed. My next thought was for some takeout BBQ. Local place also closed. My choices are limited unless I want to go through some fast food drive through. Remember, it has to be someplace I can get carry out because Ziggy probably isn't welcome.

I then came across the Caribbean Treehouse Restaurant. A small sort of Trinidadian/Tobago Caribbean looking joint- nothing fancy by a long shot. We park and as it was a bit warm, I was unwilling to leave Ziggy in the car. We head in. Needless to say, Ziggy wasn't even welcome at the door. Before I could get someones attention just to inquire if they did do take out, I was escorted to the sidewalk outside the door. I must have really been hungry. I told the gentleman what I wanted. I told him I'd wait outside and no problem. Duh!- I have a dog and they are not welcone in restaurants (unless you're someone like Paris Hilton).

Of course I always have my camera with me. What food blogger doesn't? I took a pictures of the outside marquis. I'd get a picture of the food once we returned home. A few minutes later the hostess motioned for me to come inside (dare I?) and said don't worry about the puppy. She apologized for the rudeness of the gentleman. I paid $8.39 for a large curried goat roti. Ziggy and I headed home.

When I opened the bag I was overwhelmed with how large this roti was. Enough for two meals. It smelled fabulous. The scent of curry. It was jam packed with curried goat and potatoes. It was actually quite good. I'd order it again.

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