Monday, May 02, 2005

Curried Goat Roti Posted by Hello

Many of you are scratching your heads wondering- What is Roti? Voila! I couldn't reword it any better and thus an excerpt from a article by Brian Ally
Roti on the Run

"One of the most popular food in the Carribean is roti. Roti was brought by the East Indian contract laborers to the Caribbean to places such as Jamaica, Trinidad, Martinique, Guadelope, and places like Guyana, Dutch Guiana and French Guiana (located in South America) between 1838 and 1917. Roti is tasty, round in shape, and looks like a thin flat Indian bread. There are different types of roti, from plain roti, to dhalpouri which has grinded up peas. There are other types of roti called paratha, aloopourri and dosti, which are more common in the home.

Roti is mostly used with fried potatoes (aloo), curried chicken, beef, shrimp, goat, duck, lamb and chick peas. Add your favorite curry, such as shrimp curry to the roti, which is then folded over and ate like a roti sandwich or a portable crepe..

In the Caribbean you will find roti shops doing great business. In Canada you will find roti at your Caribbean restaurants and grocery stores. It’s great for quick snacks, lunch, dinner, the beach, picnic in the park or just about anywhere. Try it! For example, roti with chicken curry, shrimp curry, beef curry, goat curry, potatoes, chick peas etc... wrapped up and ready to go."


The TriniGourmet said...

oh dear, i'm so hungry now :D

Anonymous said...

Roti is awesome I had a boneless chicken Roti in Saint Lucia and it was great. I have always loved Rotis