Sunday, November 06, 2005

I Confess

Thanks to Amy at Cooking With Amy for coming up with this meme. Who knew there were so many secrets.

I confess:

1- I love to cook "bacon pieces and ends" versus neat little slices.

2- When cooking, I can't stand to have anyone in my kitchen helping me unless it is to wash the dishes.

3- When I cook fish for my husband, I never taste it. I'm not fond of fish.

4- I absolutely love pork cracklins and eat far too many for my own good.

5- I think oatmeal is slimy.

6- I have a jar of saved bacon fat in my refrigerator.

7- I have a can of powdered butter milk in my refrigerator.

8- I hide my Global knives so no one else can use them.

9- I have a closet full of kitchen gadgets I have never used.

10- I hate to waste anything so leftovers often wind up in some other dish.

11- I always have cheddar cheese in my refrigerator.

12- I have a set of fine china I have never used.

13- I cook bacon in the microwave.

14- I have a slice of liver pate in my freezer and I swear it has been there for at least 2 years.

15- I make cookie dough and freeze it until ready to use.

16- I can't stand invited guests to bring pot luck items which they want to cook in my kitchen at the party.

17- I often prepare too much food for the number of guests invited.

18- I always have a bottle of Chardonay chilled.

19- I firmly believe you don't need a costly smoker to make excellent brisket.

20- I purposely drop pieces of meats on the floor just for Ziggy to find.

21- I have a ziplock bag filled with packets of hotsauce and ketsup from take outs in my refrigerator.

22- I wash and re-use plastic disposable forks and spoons.

23- I am not fond of rice or any rice dish.

24- I watch FoodTV far too many hours.

25- I write my name and date of purchase in every cookbook I get.

26- I rarely exactly follow a recipe.

27- I know my friends hate it when we go out to dinner and I ask them to take a picture of their food with my camera.

28- It irritates me beyond belief when anyone cooks in my kitchen and doesn't clean up the mess.

29- I love my kitchen timer and temperature gadget.


Ilva said...

I saw this over at Cooking with Amy the other week but now when I saw your confessions I just had to post my own confessions so I did. Thanks for reminding me! And for making your own confessions, they make me feel that I am part of the human race and not alone...

Kalyn Denny said...

I'm doing mine tomorrow. I agree 100% with your feelings about guest who show up with a dish that still needs to be cooked!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you and I agree about not following recipes and wanting people the HECK out of our kitchen!

Rachael Narins said...

Lucky Ziggy!

I totally agree with the "cooking in my kitchen" statement! SO true!

Loved your confessions...

Danno said...

There is a lot of me buried in that post Sylvie. For instance, another person working in my home kitchen makes my skin crawl. A friend I used to work with in the restaurants referred to this person, and also a slow person on the line in the restaurant, as a speed bump.

sylvie1950 said...

Speed bump, waht a most appropriate name. I know the speed bumps are just trying to help and most think they are being considerate by volunteering. I find myself trying to convince them that I really do want to do it all by myself.

Barbara Fisher said...

I also have a jar of bacon grease in my fridge--it is how you can tell that I am a southern cook at heart. I even use it in Chinese food sometimes. (It makes fried rice ever so tasty.)

And I also try to use all leftovers in some way shape or form.

People working in my kitchen don't bug me. Unless they don't clean up or they gesticulate with their knives--then they piss me off to no end.

I, too, will let no one touch my "good" knives. The truth is, I only have good ones, but some are more good than others and those are not touched by the infidel unclean who venture into my kitchen.