Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Ethiopian Food in West Philly- Abyssinnia Restaurant

A very quaint corner location in a primarily residential location. This is not the place to go for fast food. Abyssinnia is mainly frequented by an Ehtiopian crowd who meet here to watch the Eagles play on a Sunday afternnon. After ordering, we sit back and enjoy the game with the crowd. After about 30 minutes, T whispers to me that the reason it is taking so long today is because I ordered the meat combo. (She is a vegetarian). I understand that such a small restaurant couldn't possibly have all the menu choices already ready to dish out so I am patient. The kitchen is located distant from the main eating area and bar. It would have been nice to be able to sneak a peak of the kitchen or even the cook.
Veggie Combo for T. Less than $9.00
Located on the corner of 45th and Locust in Philadelphia.
Meat Combo for me. Less than $10.00
I did enjoy this meal far more than my first Ehtiopian meal at a nice
Culver City location. I couln't name for you what was served as I lost my cheat sheet listing the choices. The meat combo did have both a lamb and chicken entree in addition to a number of veggie choices. My combo did not contain a collard green choice, though T's veggie combo did (Yes, I love collard greens). T often eats there mainly because the food is good, fits her eating habits and there is a lot of it.

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