Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Philadelphia Weekend

Spring is in the air with the blooming of lilys and warm temperatures. The temperatures were warmer than those reported for Los Angeles and you could tell by the everyone's attire they were enjoying the sunshine.

G and I went to Philadelphia this past weekend to see a show our daughter's (T) African dance troupe put on at Penn. African Rhythms is a group of Penn students who use this invigorating dance style as an extracurricular activity. Energy galore. These kids were wonderful performing authentic West African and Cuban dance numbers. Their performance is right up there with any professional dance group.

The other highlight of this weekend was the gathering of our families. We all decided in December that we would get together over the weekend of T's show. My mother in law, son and his friend came up from North Carolina and Virginia to join our Philadelphia cousins (C, M and D). M prepared a lovely dinner Friday evening shared by all including wonderful longtime friends of M. We laughed, chatted and of course drank to merriment.

Saturday we had dinner at a restaurant near campus, The White Dog Cafe. That was a wonderful meal and I'll have to go into the specifics in a separate post. Needless to say, I bought their cookbook filled with recipes for organically prepared foods. After the meal we walked a couple of blocks to the Lion Gate theatre to see T's show.

African Rhythm's Performing. T is in the middle on the backrow.

Sunday morning we were invited to D's home for brunch. She and C prepared a most satisfying and beautiful meal including everything from Mimosas to crab cakes, bacon, eggs, sausage, danish, fruit and vegetables.

M packed G and me a baggie of fruit and danish to nibble on during our plane ride back to Los Angeles.

Sylvie with Ben at Penn.


The Survival Gourmet said...

Looks like a nice weekend but we are glad to have you both back in LA!

Sylvie said...

4QBBQ- I did my last practice pork butt last night. I put it on about 8 pm, temp regulation was much better. Had 2/3 bottom vents nearly closed and the third about 25% closed. Last check at midnight before bed had a smoker temp of 225. At 7am, it was down to 200 and pork butt was only at 165. I stirred the coals and opened vent a teeny bit. At 11a, the butt was only at 179. At 2p it was 199 and perfect. tomorrow I'll have to put them on much earlier or make sure my temps stay at 225-250 longer in the early morning.

I'm ready for BBQn at the Autry.