Saturday, June 10, 2006

Garden Update

My garden must be feeling terribly lonely and neglected. The tomato plants just look weiry and underappreciated. I did provide some needed plant food, I watered it and I even pulled out the overgrown weedy vegetation last week. I harvested the first vine ripened tomatoes and used them in my salad yesterday.

Yet I feel I owe my garden somethiing more. I promise to spend more time nurturing it. I even plan on buying some accompanying vegetables to get this garden party growing.

On the brighter side, my front yard garden is flourishing no thanks to me. This was a project of love by my daughter T. She painstakingly pulled out everthing in this little corner and landscaped it with plants she fell in love with at our local garden center.

The timeline of this planting and growth is one week.

Thank you Sweet pea.

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