Sunday, June 11, 2006

Weekend Dog Bloggin #38

Just being Ziggy!
After an afternoon of working in the garden with me, Ziggy is on guard to make sure I don't go back inside the house without him.

This morninhg I promised you all that I would pay some attention to the garden. Well, I did. The garden center was short of good pickings but I did manage to get a couple of zucchini plants, yellow squash, a pepperonchini plant, sweet basil, habanero and an anaheim chile.

I'm no organic gardener so to I'm not adverse to using a little chemical help to keep the insects away. Nothing more disappointing than to plant some little plants and have them chewed away by some insects the next day.

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Yellow Squash added amongst the Tomatoes
Zucchini plants with a little room to grow
Just a different angle on Zucchini amongst the tomatoes.
Herbal area with Sweet Basil and Habanero. My curly leaf parsley plant went crazy trying to seed. I cut it back significantly with hopes that my curly leaves will prosper again.

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