Saturday, August 26, 2006

Martha's Zucchini and Cranberry Muffins

July and August are the months for birthday's for many of my friends and family. I don't need but the smallest excuse to bake something as a "Happy Birthday" from me.

Every other weekend I have a standing appointment to get my nails done-a routine fill and pedicure. I have developed a friendship with a number of ladies who also have appointments around my same time. This was my excuse to bake this morning so I could take these treats with me for this weeks birthday lady.

I had intentions of baking cookies but just didn't have the time with all the events I've been involved in this past week. So, I took out my trusted Baking Handbook by Martha Stewart and came across Zucchini and Cranberry muffins. I just happened to have zucchini growing in my garden and a package of frozen cranberries. All the other ingredients were kitchen pantry or refrigerator staples.

Happy Birthday Cheryl and a belated shout-out to Jenny.

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Erika W. said...

Yum! They are gorgeous, and I keep looking at the recipe. I will have to freeze some zucchini for when the cranberries are available again.