Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Summer Garden In August

It has been a while since I have posted about the progress of my garden. It is now August and the tomatoes are nearing the end of their growth. Though
I neglected to post pictures of the great harvest I have had with the tomatoes, please believe me when I say I had a truck load.

I planted the summer squash (yellow crook neck and zucchini) rather late. They are both now in full bloom. I also am very proud of my basil plant. The bugs have left it alone and it has thrived producing beautiful leaves to go with the tomatoes some mozzarella cheese and olive oil. Look at how gorgeous it is. Anaheim chilie is my other thriving plant. They are also doing quite well with quite a few chilies in bloom.

Anaheim Chilie
Yellow Crook Neck Squash

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barb said...

sylvie - those are some fine looking veggies in that garden. Even in this heat you're having. Great whatcha gonna make with those peppers.