Friday, February 08, 2008

Tag- You're It!

I've been tagged by Ema at Ema's Edible Experiments to participate in a "Tag" you're it. I am so honored. Being tagged reminded me of how much fun the food blog world can be. In my early food blog days (heck I'm working on 3 years now), I participated in a number of events including sugar high Fridays, what's in your refrigerator, what's in your pantry, cookbooks, gadgets, EoMeTe etc. This was a great opportunity visit other sites all over the world and embrace a community of individuals with your same passion for all things food.

The rules for this meme include:

1. Link to your tagger and post these rules.
2. Share 5 facts about yourself
3. Tag 5 people at the end of your post and list their names (linking to them).
4. Let them know they've been tagged by leaving a comment at their blogs.

What About Me- Five Facts:

1. I have sent videos as application to be the Next FoodTV Star on Food TV too many times. This is more like a confession. This secret desire to be a Food TV Star led to me taping many 3 minute segments on cooking everything from fish cakes to stuffed flank steak. Though I think I am quite good in my kitchen, it's the everyone else's kitchen TV that I guess I won't reach. Maybe next season.

2. I did have 30 minutes of fame a few years ago when I did get to do a Food 911 segment with Tyler Florence. Dandy Donuts with me making jam filled donuts and chocolate covered donuts with Tyler. I still keep up with the Food TV schedule to make sure I see or know of every rerun.

3. I am a member of the Four Q BBQ Team. That's not anything most of my readers don't know but just in case you are a new Soul Fusion Kitchen reader, I am the pork butt queen. Yes, my BBQ specialty is pulled pork. Award winning pulled pork in quite a few Southern California competitions.

4. Empty nester. Yes, it is wonderful. For all you new moms/dads and those with young kids, I too embraced all about my kids. They grew up and with all the love, training and values we bestowed upon them are now flourishing young adults off our payroll. Yes! I did feel a little separation anxiety which is why I got Ziggy, my unconditional loving Yorkie.

5. I spent many years with the goal to become a successful person in my chosen career of a Pharmacist. It has been good to me and I do not regret the hard work and time I had to put into getting to where I am now. I am now thinking that I'd like to have time to do more cooking all over the world. Many roadtrips ahead. That spells happy retirement somewhere in my near future.

Five blogs I'd like to tag:

1 Mrs W at Mrs. W's Kitchen

2 Marvin at Burnt Lumpia

3 FJK at Blog Appetit

4 Lis at La Mia Cucina

5 Rachel at Rachel Bites

...and for those of you not into memes, I understand and please forgive me.


Big Blog Collection said...

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Amanda said...

Thanks for the tag! I've posted Five Foodie Facts About Me for your reading pleasure.

Love your facts, by the way. I didn't know you're in a BBQ team--yumm! I know I'll be learning some new tips from you!

Anonymous said...

Thanks very much for tagging me. I won't make any promises, but I will definitely try and do this meme.

Very cool that you were on food 911! And a master of pulled pork to boot!

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

Hi there...I'm doing interviews for a segment about BBQ and would like to speak with you.

Please call me if you can 323-644-6144 x158


FJKramer said...

Well, I was finally home long enough to participate -- you can see my 5(00) things you didn't know about me (plus an egg cream recipe) here:
Thanks for inviting me to come out and play!

FJKramer said...

Oops -- my link didn't come "alive"

Try this one:

Five Things Well More Than Five Things You Don't Know About Me