Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Philly Cheesesteak- Pat's King of Steaks

I spent the past weekend in Philadelphia visiting my daughter T. She just happens to be a vegetarian who found fault with everything I wanted to eat as I am a very proud meateater. Regardless, I did slip out one day to get what I call the original Philly Cheesesteak. Now there is a lot of controversy over who has the best cheesesteak, but by far, I tend to always migrate to Pat's.
I simply order the cheesesteak "wit" whiz to indicate only onions, steak and cheesewhiz. No veggies for me which would include bell peppers or for an additional charge lettuce and tomatoes.
One of the things Philadelphia is known for is brotherly love. However, you won't find any love at Pat's. Order wrong and they will make you feel like 2 cents. I knew this previously or else I would have just walked away after the comment "Big Boy" behind the cash register made when I didn't know how to word what I wanted to order.
Yes, artery clogging goodness.
Right across the street from Pat's is Geno's Cheesesteak. Equally renowned and loved. I previously ate here but not this visit. I remember their cheesesteaks to be a bit more fatty (like whose counting calories when you order these things anyway) I thought maybe I would order one to eat later on the airlines but cold, soggy cheesesteak just didn't stimulate my appetite.
So I just drove by Geno's and headed to the airport to return my rental car and head back to L.A.


Kirk said...

Hi Sylvie - I had a visit to Pat's years ago - you talk about pressure! I've found that cheesesteaks have a sort of delayed narcotic effect. when you eat them, it's like "oh, that was good, but no big deal", then a few days later, you might be driving along, and suddenly that little person in your head goes, "Boy, I'd really like a cheesesteak right about now...." Nice site, I enjoy lurking and reading your posts.

Bill said...

I can't believe you ate cheesewhiz...

Anyway since you are in L.A. I thought I would let you know you can get authentic philly cheesesteaks in Southern California. Philly's Best flies in all ingredients from Philly including the meat, cheeses *and* the Amoroso roll.

And if you really want cheese whiz, they will make your sandwich with cheese whiz.

bitstreamer said...

Good review. Those pictures are making my mouth water! Check out my analysis on why I think Pat's is better than Geno's.