Monday, October 31, 2005

Halloween, Ziggy and Jervon

Well, if you are wondering why Ziggy looks a little different. I took him to be groomed yesterday. On a whim, I wondered what he would look like with his hair cut short. Well maybe that was a mistake as he took on a totally different look. I now wish for his hair to grow back. I still dressed him up in his Spiderman costume and all the Trick or Treaters loved him. Jervon was a pirate. How cute. He and Ziggy passed out candy all night. All Jervon could say was, poor Ziggy, Auntie Sylvie, please don't ever cut his hair so short. I learned my lesson though Ziggy doesn't seem to care. Happy Halloween.


LisaSD said...

Well, they both look cute!

We only had one trick or treater...ONE!

marianne said...

Aww . . . his ears are so big now!