Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Tamale Festival

The L.A. Times Food Section Datebook lists a Tamale Festival Food Event this weekend, Nov 11-13th in L.A.

It is a three day event with over 100 vendors featuring tamales made in the style of varying Latin American regions. They note that admission is free and tamales are $3.00 each. Check out the Tamale Festival web site for times, directions and events.

I have always wanted to try to make tamales and this may be my opportunity to learn as there will be classes offered during the festival which I would love to see.


Jennifer said...

I am so envious! Please, please go and take lots of pictures. This would definitely be worth a trip to Los Angeles to see!

Anonymous said...

Lovely blog, Sylvie! I don't remember where I ran across your links, but I'm so glad I did. I like this place!

I'm not very much into animals, but your Ziggy is too cute. And your garden and kitchen are absolutely fabulous. Thank you for sharing.

I'm very new to food blogging and I think I can learn a few things from you.

Again, a beautiful place this is!

sylvie1950 said...

Sorry, due to unforeseen circumstances, I was unable to make it to the Tamale Fest. I did read that it was very exciting with vendors from all over selling all types of tamales including some health conscious salmon tamales. Next year.

BBQ Junkie said...

Dag gummit! I missed the tamale festival. oh well, maybe next year?

Anonymous said...

To my wonderful gourmet cook sister. The Turducken was an absolute success. It amazed me how it looked like a Turkey, but was much much more. The taste was fantabulous. I went back for immediate seconds, which I have not done for years, diet or no diet. Thank you. Your non-cook sister will volunteer to de-bone the duck & chicken if you will please prepare this any holiday in 2006. My amazed pre-Thanksgiving weekend started with attending "The Glory of Christmas" at the Crystal Cathedral to have live camels, horses, & sheep within the play, along with angels flying through the air. To begin and end our family's traditional dinner with this extraordinary Turducken was just as glorious and amazing. Thank you, again.

Anonymous said...

3rd Annual Los Angeles International Tamale Festival