Saturday, September 17, 2005

Weekend Dog Blogging Event (WDB)

Sweetnick is hosting the first "Weekend Dog Blogging" (WDB) event. This is a spin-off of the "Weekend Cat Blogging" (WCB)event sponsored by Clare at Eat Stuff.

I jump at any excuse to post pictures of my Ziggy. He is a 1.5 year old fiesty and very friendly male Yorkie. He loves taking morning walks with me, hates getting groomed, chews up anything left unattended (i.e. remote controls, shoes), loves cuddling with me in a chair, loves road trips and hates being alone. His next favorite spot to my lap is to lay on the pillows in the bedroom window seat where he can watch everthing going on outside. While acting as a guard dog, he barks to alert me that someone is walking down the street and he goes nuts when there is also another dog out there.

Needless to say, I love my Ziggy.

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Cate said...

WDB #1 Round-Up is up ... you can check it out here: