Thursday, June 09, 2005

Added A Few More Herbs and Vegetables Today

Day 2 Garden with Additions

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I went to the Home Depot in Marina Del Rey today to see if they had a better assortment of herbs and vegetables. Amazing how busy that store was. It's Thurday around 11 am and the garden shop line extends to the back of the department. It was at least 20 customers deep. I'm in no hurry so I browse around and find a shallot, sweet basil, red, green and yellow bell pepper, curled parsley, Italian parsley, tarragon and cucumbers. There was no zucchini nor cilantro. I have to have cilantro to make salsas and ceviche.

I roll my cart inside the store to the regular lines to find there was only one customer ahead of me. I wondered why some people will wait in that long line instead of walking a small distance to where there are more cashiers and fewer people in line?

For the zucchini and cilantro I went to another local garden store. I purchased the two plants which were more costly than comparable plants at Home Depot. The quality was ok.

I headed home to do more digging in the dirt.

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