Friday, June 17, 2005

Beautiful Day In L.A. - Shake Shake Shake

How many earthquakes have occured in California this week? Too many. As a native Los Angeleno, you would think quakes were common place to us. They use to be, however over the past 10 years, the number of significant quakes have decreased. In stead of getting use to feeling quakes, we began to not remember they can occur here.

The geologist tell us that the probability of a quake today is the same as it was last month. Just because there is a lot of activity this week, doesn't mean the big one is any sooner on its way.

Anyway, it was a beautiful day in L.A. The sky was blue and temperature around the upper 70's along the coast and a bit higher inland. With this beauty, we again anticipate a large tremor at any moment. Wake up call to purchase all those earthquake food supplies (this is a food blog after all).


Daily Gluttony said...

hee hee, isn't it funny that we've gotten used to them? i've been thru the '94 northridge one and the '89 san francisco one, so it's like old hat to me.

i have some east coaster friends though, who freak out ev'ry time one happens. i knew this one guy from NY who jumped in his car when the '94 one struck and drove to a huge open space parking lot and just sat in his car in the middle of it for 2 hours.

anyways, have a great weekend!

Rachael Narins said...

They still make me edgy.
On another note, I tagged you for the latest cookbook meme, I hope you will play!



sylvie1950 said...

My husband's family is in North Carolina. We received calls from them after almost each reported tremor last week wanting to know if we were ok. My husband reminded them that more people die from heat related events in the south, cold related events in the northeast, hurricanes on the east coast and tornados in the mid west than earthquakes in California.

Rachael, thank you for tagging me for the cookbook meme. Being edgy during a quake is natural but as long as you are in a building built after 1972, you're pretty safe.

I work in Santa Monica, one of the hardest hit areas after Northridge in 1994, close to the ocean. I did do a double take when the tsunami warning came out.