Thursday, June 30, 2005


Sam of Becks and Posh is hosting the online event called Utensibility. By Friday, July 1st, we are to post about our favorite kitchen utensils, the items I just couldn't live with out. Two cost categories should be chosen. One which she describes as 'money no object' splurge kitchen gadget and, the second a smaller, cheaper item. In her announcement she suggested that we “wax lyrical” about the items chosen.

Global Knives Posted by Picasa

I have many kitchen gadgets as I am obsessed by all types of kitchen gear. The choice was very hard. At first I thought I’d write about my Wolf Range. I love it dearly, use it daily and feel like it is part of me. I then came down to earth and just thought about the basics. For this event I selected my Global Knives as a reasonable high dollar purchase. Yes, most foodies already have a set of very good knives and what kitchen could do without them. Anyway, I first decided to purchase these knives after reading Kitchen Confidential by Anthony Bourdain. He describes them as a “very good Japanese product that have--- in addition to their many fine qualities (lightweight, easy to sharpen and relatively inexpensive vanadium steel) —the added attraction of looking really cool.” Now he probably got some financial incentive for those fine words but regardless, I love the knives. Cost for an 8 inch chefs knife is about $86, a 5 inch utility knife is about $54 and a 4 inch paring knife will set you back $48.

Rabbit Ears Posted by Picasa

My inexpensive everyday gadget is my professional corkscrew (also known as rabbit ears) for opening wine bottles. At $12.97 at Costco, what a bargain. The highlight of this gadget is that it makes removing the cork a simple and easy task.


Sam said...

Hi Sylvie - thanks for your post - another knife fan. I am beginning to feel ashamed because I don't think I have ever had an affinity with knives.

As for the rabbit ears - we have something similar - a screwpull that fred received as a gift about 18 months ago. I don't know how we ever lived without it. Opening wine, of course, is one of the most important tasks.

I hope you wouldn't mind sending me an email as outlined here with your entry details. I have so many entries it makes it much easier to keep track of them all if I have the email. Any entries that are just left in the comments are in danger of being missed out.

thank you so much for taking part - hope to have the results up by the end of next week


joone! said...

hey sylvie! my fellow global knives lover :). I saw that post on you appearing with florence tyler! I want to meet him too! Cool stuff!