Monday, June 27, 2005

Asian Kitchen- India and Pakistan Food

We were driving down Venice Blvd on a Friday night in search of Versaille Cuban Restaurant without a line. No such luck. Another long line outside the door. No garlicky-lemony chicken this time around. G and I had just passed a mini mall with a little restaurant named Asian kitchen tucked away in the back. We looked at each other at the same time. What the heck, we're hungry and it's nearly 8:45 PM.

We drive into the parking lot. Not many cars but there is a County Health Department rating of "A" in the window. We thought, "it won't kill us". There was one other couple seated and one patron at the cashier possibly ordering "take-out". There was no big greeting from the wait staff. We asked where we should sit and were told, anywhere you like.

This place doesn't get an "A" for decor. G comments that the tables and chairs probably were bought from some other business gone sour. We were seated in a booth in which the table was too high for the seats. Oh well.

We look over the menu. Some good Indian and Pakistani choices at resonable prices. We chose to order an appetizer of Beef Samosas and a Lamb dish with a spicy tasty cilantro rich sauce. My entree was the chicken tandoori with kebabs and G ordered another lamb dish with tomato and spices. We also ordered garlic naan and palak paneer (pureed spinach).

While we waited for our order, the couple in the booth next to ours was served the most aromatic mouth watering dish we could imagine. The waiter told us it was the same thing I had ordered. Can't wait.

We ate our appetizers. They were very good. So far so good. This is turning out to be a great find. Our entrees arrive and we are very happy with the presentation. After my first bite of the chicken tandoori, I was in love with this place. Tender, moist, flavorful and better than I have had at higher end Indian restaurants. Everything we ordered was met with approval from us. Very generous portions and flavor to go with it. We couldn't finish and asked for a take home container. Our check arrived. All that for under $32.

We will return Asian Kitchen in Culver City on Venice Blvd and Motor Ave.

P.S. Sorry I forgot to take pictures of the appetizers.

Palek Paneer

Garlic Naan


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Cate said...

Gorgeous pictures - my mouth is watering. I love Indian food!

Helen (AugustusGloop) said...

Yum! Those curries look great! That paneer looks sensational and the naan... ooh can almost smell that garlicky-goodness!

sylvie1950 said...

You can imagine how happy we were to have found this place. It all did taste wonderful.

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Unknown said...

First off i would like to thanks you for the beautiful comments that you have made on our dishes. Our location has moved to Costa Mesa and is under the name Tandoori Fresh here is the link below. Hope to see you soon.

Thank you
Chef Sajjad Premjee

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