Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Wedding Anniversary and Fathers' Day Celebration

This past weekend, G and I celebrated our 23rd Wedding Anniversary. As this was also Fathers' Day weekend, we also honored the heads of our households (G, R and B). We decided to celebrate with friends at Pechanga, an Indian Casino in Temecula. R and P selected Kelsey's for dinner. B, G and E met us there for a nice dinner and conversation to be followed by a night of gambling (losing).

Appetizers included bacon wrapped shrimp which was very tasty and nicely presented. Fried Brie with Pita Bread was a creamy treat. The Taco Bites looked great. I didn't get to taste but all assured me I would have loved them. I have a passion for ceviche. A hefty amount was served with toast. Some at our table are not into ceviche which left more for me.




Fried Brie

Taco Bites

Ceviche Posted by Hello

G opted for the house salad and P had the Fancy Salad. Greens with a dressing, what more can you say.

The entrees varied from Lobster Bisque which G described as tasty but quite watery, nicely presented with a flaky crust to medium rare Ribeye Steak with French Fries- tasty. G and E both ordered the Seafood Pasta which they both enjoyed. B ordered the Salmon which was disappointing in that they did not remove the bloodline. (Did I mention that all these great dads are avid fishermen who have specific requirements for their fish [fresh with properly dressed fillets].) Fish served with the bloodline is not acceptable as it destroys the fresh fish flavor. P splurged that night, giving up Jenny Craig for Fried Onion Rings and Ribeye Steak on a Bun. It goes without saying that comparatively, the fried fare won out over diet food. R had the Halibut. It's his favorite and it went down quite well. Ony compliments were offered.


House Salad

Ribeye and Fries


Seafood Pasta

Ribeye Sandwich and Onion Rings


Lobster Bisque Posted by Hello

An end to all- P requested a Mudslide which consisted of vanilla ice cream, chocolate ice cream, peanut butter ice cream, nuts, chocolate syrup and whipped cream. Yum! This was a very huge slice which we all shared and enjoyed.

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We all left the restaurant in pursuit of riches to be won. I love the slots but this was not the night for winning. I did enjoy trying.

Love you G

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